June 15, 2024

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Where can players spend Fed Credits in LifeAfter?

LifeAfter is a survival game where massive swarms of zombies will come to you from all directions. But humans still have the chance after being bitten by zombies, and they can now live as half man and half-zombie. It is a multiplayer online game with elements of open-world and doomsday survival; the only goal of players is to survive because if they do not consider that, things will become so hard.

More ways to get Free Fed Credits in LifeAfter

You can also play this game offline, which is available for Android users. The game is risky as it is a matter of life and death. In this world of crises, there are endless possibilities that you can explore and witness in the corner of the doomsday world. You will get the chance to collect resources and work with survivors.

Lifeafter Gameplay

Key features

The game offers you several amazing features, which is why you enjoy the game. Here are some of the features which you can experience in LifeAfter.

  • In LifeAfter, you can experience half-zombie survival, which will emerge from doomsday. They can even live as the half-man-half-zombie by abandoning identities, abilities of humans, and appearance and changing forever.
  • The user can also create a vast open-world full of rises and unlimited possibilities. You can explore and witness any part of the world and collect the resources to work and survivor against the zombie invasion.
  • You need to craft weapons and enhance walls so that you can strengthen the defense and make things a lot better.
  • You need to maintain hope and will to live. Zombies will be everywhere because that will collapse the social order suddenly. The scant resources and harsh climate is the one way that makes it difficult for users to move.

Use of in-game currency

In LifeAfter, the user can get the chance to make things much better with in-game currency, which is Fed Credits. However, earning Fed Credits is not easy as it is a premium currency, so while spending it, the player should keep in mind that they should spend it wisely.

More ways to get Free Fed Credits in LifeAfter

They need to ensure they are using it for useful purposes only. Some of those ways are listed below-

Upgrade weapons

The user can use the Fed Credits to upgrade the weapons they use in the game. A person needs to upgrade the weapons because it only makes your game better.

Upgrading weapons


Another thing that you can do is the customization of items that are available in the game. You can customize the characters and make things cool.

Purchase items from shops

The user can also purchase several different items from the shops. So there are many items that you will need in the game. But ensure you buy any random item because that will cause a problem.


Danger is everywhere when you play LifeAfter, but you must struggle for power and keep calm. Also, you need to ensure that you are using in-game currency in the right way to help you survive.