June 15, 2024

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Things You Can Do With Diamonds In Star Girl

If you love to play a game related to fashion and beauty, then Star Girl is the game that you can consider playing. In this game, the person will be able to show off the heavily glow and Angelic Glamour. There are countless dresses or outfits that you can get in the game, including tops, shoes, skirts, accessories and many more things. There are several stores that have the stock of the new outfits and shop whatever you want. You can even become a singer, model and actor or whatever you want.


You can even meet and date the crushes you have in the game and even join the fashion contests. Not just that, there are several more features in the game that makes the game even more exciting and interesting. Some of those features are mentioned below:

  • There are so many fashion contests in the game in which you can take part and get the chance to win it.
  • The place can become anything that they want to and can live a life of the star.
  • They can take a selfie and get the avatar that they want to and even post all those things online on social media.
  • The player even finds so many stories in the age where they can shop and get the hottest new outfits.
  • The best part about this is that the player can even invite their friend to play and play with them, which makes it even more amazing.
Best Star Girl tutorial to get more Diamonds and Coins

Not just these features, but a person can get to experience several others that they will only get to know when they will start playing the game. The person can even earn in-game currencies in the game, which are- Coins and Diamonds. You can use that for several different purposes in the game and even make progress.


Things to do with in-game currency 

There are several things that they can do with in-game currency, which are Coins and Diamonds, and you can use that for so many different things. You can purchase several things that you may use throughout the game.

Use of Coins

Coins are the main or primary currency that the person can earn in the game; through this, the person will be able to upgrade their character in the game and even get the new avatars. These are the main things that you can get which you will need in the game. In addition, you can even use the currency to purchase several things. You can buy different outfits, which makes things even exciting.

Use of Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency you can earn in the game, which you can use for several different purposes. The player can use the Diamonds to buy the different dresses from stores. You can get the best and hottest dress they want. They can get the best life through this game because of the things they can purchase with the help of Diamonds.