June 15, 2024

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Things to do with Free Gems in Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a mobile adventure game in which you have to combine items to make unique and valuable things out of them. The gameplay begins with a small land of dragoons who you have to help to flourish. To do so, you need to merge several items with others to make something powerful or valuable. There are more than 500 objects in the game that you can match or interact with and play over 81 challenges to defeat the enemy. The game’s main theme is similar to the match-three puzzle, while here, instead of being destroyed, the three tiles will create something more useful or powerful.

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One can enjoy the game on iOS and Android devices by downloading from their respective app stores and discovering around 37 breeds of dragons who need vale to stay alive. You will be harvesting objects, creating and exploring new lands, and everything while solving hundreds of mind puzzles. The game improves your puzzle-solving skills and also lets you enjoy the game with your friends as you can add them, visit their camps, or they can visit yours and gift items to each other.

Merge Dragons Breeding

In-Game Currencies Are There For The Following Purpose

The game has in-game currencies, among which the most important are the gems, as they are used for several purposes. In-game currencies are a crucial part of mobile games to achieve multiple tasks. For instance, the currency can be used to replay any game stage that you failed, use hints during gameplay, etc. So, let’s see what we can do with dragon gems in the Merge Dragons game.

Use of Gems

First off, the gems are helpful to buy any items from the buy menu of the game. These items could be event dragon eggs, or monster idols, totems, or mystery nests. Furthermore, you can skip camp quests using the gems if you want and use the gems to open dimensional jars containing items from a higher level. One can also purchase level rewards or exclusive items and even shop items from Kala’s shop.

Merge Dragons Gameplay

Also, there are secret event capsules, as you might have seen during gameplay of Merge Dragons or some items only available at the event shop. These items are also purchasable using dragon gems, like secret Sakura dream capsules or other items from Sakura dream event’s shop. You will also get a dragon chest in the game that can be opened using the gems. Using gems to wake up dragons immediately will also give them additional stamina for some time. Some people also use the gems to double the challenge-level rewards that are worth it.

Final words

We have discussed the most common and valuable ways to use your dragon gems in Merge Dragons game, but there could be more events where you can use them. However, it isn’t easy to collect many gems, so one should be cautious and manage their dragon gems smartly because, in the later stages, you will need them more than ever.