June 15, 2024

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Stick War: Legacy and its resources – Free Gems

Are you considering playing Stick War Legacy? It is one of the most popular and high rated games that you can download easily on your mobile phone and start playing. The person can download this from Play Store or App Store can have the biggest or most fun experience. There are so many challenges in the game that you can get, and that is what makes the game exciting and engaging for the players. In the game, the player has to form an army, and the player will have control over the stickman. You can build units, learn the way of the sword, mine gold and many other things.


You can even destroy the enemy statue in the game and capture their territories. A person can even experience several features too in the game that has been introduced recently, and those features are-

  • There is different mode of missions that a person can find in the game, and you can choose any one of them easily. It will not be easy to complete the one, but it will be interesting.
  • The game has the saga style map where you can get multiple rewards, and not just that; you can even unlock the crowns and choose the level of difficulty in the game, whether you want easy, normal or hard.
  • The arrows in the game do not stick with all the units and improve the blood effects and take the animation of damage.
  • There are so many skins available in the game that the person can choose the one they like for their character.
Here is Free Gems in Stick War: Legacy Tutorial

A player, while playing the game, may realize that these are not the only features there are several more that they can experience there. The person can earn in-game currency, which is Gems. It can be used for different purposes or to purchase different things in the game.  

Things to do with Gems

Gems are the premium currency that the player can earn in the game; the player cannot just earn that; they have to play games and complete missions for that. And earning the currency is not easy, so you need to make sure that you are using that wisely.


Purchase items from the shop

In the game, you can even use the currency to purchase the different items from the shop. You may need it in the game. You will find several different items that they can get from the in-game shop. The player can get the items for the appearance even upgrade the things in the game.   

Get skin and update

The player who has enough Gems in the game Stick War Legacy can use those Gems to get different skins. There are several skins that you can get for your character; you can choose the one that you love. Not just that, the person will even be able to get so many upgrades. Including the skin and other items that they may use.