June 15, 2024

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Online Soccer Manager – Coins Guide

If you love playing football and have always wanted to manage one time that is best, it is the game you should choose to play. And in this game, you will be able to manage your own team from there. It is a free-to-play game with all the authentic and real football leagues, players and clubs. It is the best way through which you can get your dream start managing your own football manager career by signing the favorite. There are so many different teams, and you can choose the one that is best.


You will find so many different football clubs such as Barcelone, Real Madrid, Liverpool and many other things that you can in the game where you can buy and sell the players, training, scouting and stadium expansion. You need to make sure that the team is performing to their best capacity and achieving the goal. 

Here is our Online Soccer Manager Unlimited OSM Coins guide


  • The game contains all the real football clubs, leagues and many other players worldwide. This will give you the best authentic experience.
  • There are unlimited friendly matches where you can test your tactics and help improve the player’s performance.
  • A person will even be able to expand the stadium matches and even make or earn more money and have even better facilities.
  • Create your idle formation and even get the chance to sell and buy the players and even train them to increase the skills of the player.

There are several more features too that you can experience in this game. All these things only make the game exciting and loving. People love to play the game and enjoy it. They even get the chance to earn in-game currency such as OSM Coins and Tokens that can be used for several purposes.

Things you can do

There are several things that you can do in the game if you have an in-game currency that is OSM Coins and Tokens. Some of the ways in which you can use or spend the currency are mentioned in the following points-

Use of OSM Coins

OSM Coins are the main currency that you can earn in the game that you can mainly use in several ways. If you have them, you can use them to make upgrades. Not just that, through these things, you can even get the chance to purchase the players for your team. Then you can spend them for many useful purposes. When you get the new players, you can train them and learn new skills. That and everything that can make their game even more exciting.

Use of Tokens 

Another currency that people can earn in the game is Tokens. This is the premium currency that can be used to purchase the team of your own choice. It can be used to buy the players who are the best in football. That can help you win the game even more. It is not easy to earn the Tokens, so if you have them use them wisely.