June 15, 2024

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Obtaining Gems and Magic In Magic Kingdoms

If you are a person who loves Disney land and all the Disney characters, then this is the game that you want to play, and you are going to love it. There are so many characters, attractions and events that will make you feel good. You will be able to enjoy the game so much. Collect more than 200 characters from Disney, Star Wars and Pixar. You can even get the characters from the history of Disney such as Beauty and the Beast, toy story, the Lion King and many more. In addition, you can discover many more things in the game that you will love so much.


There are several features in the game which a person can experience, but they can only do that when they start playing the game. Some amazing features that a person can experience in the game are mentioned below-

  • There are so many characters in the game you can get and discover over 1500+ magical and fun character quests that you can get in the game.
  • A person can even build a park of their own, everyone has a dream park. They can use their imagination in the game.
  • You can even decorate the park with so many unique attractions from Frozen.
  • The best thing is that a person can even play this game offline, which means they can play it anytime they want and anywhere.
Here are best ways to get more Gems and Magic for Magic Kingdoms!

Not just these, there are several more features that the game offer to their users, and not just kids but even elder also love to play them. The player can even earn in-game currency, which can be in the form of Magic and Gems. You can use in the game for several different purposes. When they use the currency, it will help to make progress in the game. They can purchase several different things that the player might need.

Parades reward

Things to do with in-game currency

Magic and Gems are the two main currencies that a player can earn in-game. It can be used for several different purposes. You can purchase several items, but earning them is not easy as you think. That is why you need to make sure that you are spending them wisely.

Use of Magic

Magic is one of the main currencies that you can earn in the game Disney Magic Kingdoms. If you have the Magic, you can use them to create the attraction, welcome, and even use to level up the character you can find in the game. The best part is you can use the Magic to expand the kingdom!

Use of Gems

Another currency that you can earn in the game is Gems. That is the premium currency that can be used for several different purposes. Through this, you can get a new attraction or character in your park. In addition, you can upgrade the present attraction that you already have and even get a level up of your existing Disney character.