June 15, 2024

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Merge Plane and use of Diamonds & Coins

The Merge Plane mobile video game is another strategy-based puzzle game in which you have to merge three or more tiles to create something valuable and meaningful. There will be tiles of different airplanes in the game, and as you merge them, new types of planes would be created with unique specifications. Also, there is an airplane factory where you can upgrade your airplanes and change their features or appearance. However, for this, some in-game currency would be required, like coins or diamonds.

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The mobile game has an exciting story with beautiful graphics and interactive gameplay that makes it suitable for kids and adults. One can download the game on their mobile phones from the iOS or Android app store and enjoy unlimited fun and mind puzzles to solve. And as you keep joining tiles, you will also be able to make airplanes fly on the runway. There are many airplanes to unlock and multiple stages to pass in order to experience higher levels of airplanes or parking space for them. Also, you will be allowed to buy more useful items using in-game currency once you reach higher levels in the game.

Using In-Game Currencies Like Coins Or Diamonds In The Game

There will be several instances during Merge Plane game where you would require in-game currency to buy things, unlock items and upgrade your airplanes, etc. Hence you must understand the use of in-game currency already to use it wisely when the time comes.

Merge Plane Gameplay

Use of Coins

Coins are helpful for various purposes in the game; for instance, you can get upgrades for your planes using the coins. Or you can add items on your runway using coins which are helpful to increase your gameplay and runway capabilities. But most importantly, one can buy hexagonal coins using regular coins, which are useful to buy powerful boosts and other vital items. Furthermore, the boost you buy using hexagonal coins is permanent, which means you will recover the spent coins significantly less time.

Use of Diamonds

Diamonds is another type of in-game currency which is rarer than coins. You can use them to buy boost as well as to buy new planes in Merge Plane game. The diamonds can come in handy when you buy some premium items from the airplane factory to upgrade your planes. This currency is also valuable for buy exclusive planes or unlocks some items from higher levels before time.


This way, you can use the in-game currency for your personal benefits, such as unlocking high-level planes, upgrades, and other items. Moreover, you can use the currency to replay any level if you fail to accomplish the task. One can extend their collection of planes after buying more and more from the store. Furthermore, the Merge Plane game’s airplane factory has several items which are worth buying.

But you can get some items without spending any currency on them if you wait for them to unlock themselves. Hence, you should save the currency for more important things and manage it wisely.