June 15, 2024

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How You can Get more Free Diamonds on Hay Day?

If you love doing the farming stuff, it is the game you will love. In this game, you have to build the farm, raise animals, fish, and decorate your farm. You have taken care of your farm by growing multiple crops such as wheat, corn, and other things. From all these activities you can sell the things in the market. You have to do so many activities like you need to feed the animals that produce the bacon, dairy, eggs, and other things so that you can earn the coins.

More ways to get Free Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day

You need to build the farm and expand it to the fullest as much as you can so that you can increase your business. You can start the farm production building like BBQ grills and bakery; you will get many big opportunities to do that. Not just there are many more activities also which you experience if you play this game. If you want, you can download this game easily on your mobile phone; it can be iOS or Android; you can download it for free and enjoy playing it. You can expand the farming and also play with your friends.

Collecting Sugar on Hay Day

Use of coins and diamonds

If you play this game, you will earn the in-game currency, which is coins and diamonds, which you can use for different purposes. Some of those uses are mentioned in the following points-

Use of diamonds

In the game Hay Day the diamonds are the premium currency that is used in the game. You do not need the diamonds if you want to progress in the game or to play the game, but if you have the diamonds, then you can buy the customizations options, progress faster, and special decoration so that you can do something extra which will make the game even more exciting.

You can use the diamonds to make a special product that includes gracious bouquets, mystery nets, and diamond rings that you can use on your farm to decorate it, which will give an amazing look, and your farm will look attractive. But you need to make sure that you will not get the diamonds again and again, and if you have, you should use them carefully and wisely. 

Mystery Net

Uses of coins

Coins are the main currency in the game hay day; you can use these to buy the things which can help you to win the game and to progress in the game. You can buy farm items and other products from the other player’s shop. You can also use the coins to unlock the different areas such as the fishing lake, mine, and many more. You can earn the coins from different things you can use by selling goods to the visitors and other players.


You may have got pretty much idea from here that if you have enough diamonds and the coins in the game, then you can use that for a different purpose. It will make the game even more exciting, which will give you a different experience.