June 15, 2024

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How to get more Free Gold in Modern Strike Online?

Modern Strike Online is a PvP action game that you can play with your friends. It is free to play a multiplayer game to enjoy the coolest dynamics. When you play Modern Strike Online, the person needs to follow the routes to kill or attack the enemies. You may find several different weapons and occupy their territories. The game will have different maps where routes will be mentioned; you can choose the map you want.

More ways to get Free Gold in Modern Strike Online

When you are not busy attacking, you can look at the best and most beautiful landscape with amazing graphics provided. It is an easy to play FPS game where you can find different challenges, and after completing them, you can earn some rewards which you can further use in the game. The user can download the game easily on their Android or iOS mobile phone.  

The Gameplay

Tips to keep in mind

While playing Modern Strike Online, it is essential for you to complete the different challenges. But if you are finding it hard to complete, then you can take a look over the points below-

  • Several different weapons are available in the game, and you must know about the weapons. You need to look for the best and most powerful weapons to kill the enemies easily.
  • Armor is essential while playing Modern Strike Online because it helps strengthen the attack. It will prevent you from eliminating, and you can stay in the game for a long time.
  • The game has different maps and modes; it is recommended for the player to explore all of them and then choose the best one. Once you are aware of the different maps, you will know which one is best for you.
  • The game will add the new weaponry, you need to acquire them, and if you get the chance, you can customize that with the money you will earn in the game. It is the best way through which you can use them.
  • It is the players’ responsibility to upgrade and repair the weapons if they are expecting better gameplay and want to win the game.

How to use in-game currency?

The player can also earn in-game currency, which is Gold. It is the main currency, and if you have that, you can get so many different things that might be helpful for you. So here are some of how you can use that.  

More ways to get Free Gold in Modern Strike Online

Upgrade and customize the weapons

If the user has enough currency, they need to use it to upgrade and customize the weapons there. Once they customize it will become even more powerful, and you can enjoy the game even more.


Buy the new items

There are so many cool items, such as weapons, outfits, that are available in the game that can be purchased from the currency that you have. So, you do not waste it; if you have enough, then make sure you are spending it on the right purpose.