June 15, 2024

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Having Free SimCash & Simoleons in Simcity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a game where you can build your own city and be a hero. You will be able to design your city and create a beautiful metropolis. Every decision that will be taken in the city will be yours, and you need to make the smartest choice so that you can keep the citizen of your city happy and make your skyline grow. You can trade, compete and join the different clubs with the other mayors in the game. You can make different changes in the game through which you can build parks, bridges, skyscrapers and many other things.


The game is all about turning your imagination into the game and getting the chance to unlock the landmarks different things. There are several features in the game that you can experience are mentioned in the following points:

  • You will be able to make different changes in the game to get the exclusive locations in the game.
  • The better way through which you can put your imagination on the map and bring something quite interesting,
  • The player needs to fight their battle to victory by completing the different quests and challenges in the game.
  • The game even offers its users weekly challenges that make it even more exciting.

There are many more things that a person can experience from the game that will make things even more exciting. You will only experience that when you are playing that game. The best thing is that you can even earn in-game currencies- Simoleons and SimCash. You can use those to make progress in the game and enjoy more. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that earning the currencies is not easy, so you need to spend that wisely.

Here is our SimCity BuildIt Unlimited Simoleons and SimCash guide

Importance of in-game currency

A player may need the in-game currency for so many different purposes, which will help you win the game. Some of the main uses of in-game currency are mentioned below:

  • Simoleons are the main currency that you can earn in the game that can be used to maintain the city. It is quite important because if the city is not clean or better, then citizens will not be happy.
  • You can even use the Simoleons to pay off the debts and make different purchases in the game. The player may need several things that can be used in the game, which are helpful, and they can purchase that through the Simoleons.
  • Another currency that the person can earn in the game is SimCash which is special and limited. And you can use that to speed up the production process of different goods and services.
  • The player can even use the SimCash to increase the slots of the store, expand of slots and even open the warehouse.
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At last, you may have understood about the SimCity BuildIt and how the person can use the currency that they earn. Make sure you are using the currency in the best possible way.