June 15, 2024

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Best ways to spend Free Crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom

Who does not love cookies?Everyone does, right? If you do, then the Cookie Run Kingdom is the game you will love! It is everyone’s favorite game with tiny heroes, which is the cookies. You will meet the cookies, all voiced by the amazing voice actors, and get the chance to witness their epic skills. Not just that, the user can also dress them up in the new chic they want.

Here are best ways to get more Crystals and Coins for Cookie Run Kingdom!

It is a battle game where you need to create a team of cookies that will fight the battle with endless combinations of toppings and treasures. It is a strategic battle game, which means if you want to win the game, you need to create some strategies to win it.

Cookie Run Kingdom Gameplay


Cookie Run Kingdom is not like the other games; it has unique gameplay, which makes the game quite more interesting. Here are some of the features-

  • The game embarks on an epic journey around earth bread. Get the chance to reveal the secrets of ancient cookies and the kingdoms.
  • The user can build the deliciously sweet kingdom that will help you choose the design of the decor. You can produce the materials and craft items. Not just that, arrange all different types of activities.
  • You can choose several varieties of unique decors that will help get your dreams better design. In addition, you can produce material, craft items and arrange all different types of activities in the game.
  • The user can create the ultimate cookie team with endless combinations of the toppings and treasures. You can prove your battle skills in the cookie alliance and guild battles. You can come up with new strategies and emerge victorious.
  • You can join the clan and get the chance to bring glory to your guild. It is the best way to rank on the table and become the strongest guild you have.

Ways to spend in-game currency

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the players can also earn in-game currencies- Crystals and Coins. These are the most important currencies of the game, which makes the game of the player so much better. However, if you also want to have enough currency, then you need to earn it and make efforts which is not easy.

Here are best ways to get more Crystals and Coins for Cookie Run Kingdom!

So, it is advisable that if you have Crystal which is a premium currency and Coins, which are the main currency, then you should use them wisely. There are several things on which you can spend the coins, and those are mentioned below-


Crystals are the premium currency which is used in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It is a rare currency, so ensure you are using it efficiently. You can use it to purchase landmarks in the game, which will help in boosting the cookies’ stats. You can also get the sugar gnome hit and production slots which will help you progress in the game.



In the Cookie Run Kingdom, Coins are the premium currency. You can use them to upgrade buildings, produce the raw material, buy decorations, upgrade the skills and toppings, and promote the cookies.