June 15, 2024

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Best Or Top Episode Stories That You May Love!

Do you also love playing the Episode? It is so exciting game that people fall in love with it. They get to know about the stories as you know that there are 8500+stories that you can choose to play on. Your choices that which story you want will give you the option, and you can choose with them. Even the best part is you can create your own stories also. But there are many inbuilt stories that are very interesting and people like them the most!

New story on Episode

There are many episodes in the game which is quite interesting and exciting, and they are best because most people love playing those stories. If you want to know about all those best or top Episode Stories, then you can just check out the article!

Top/Best Episode stories

Here are some of the stories that the people love, and they love choosing those stories to play. If you want to know about those stories, then just check out the points that are mentioned below-

Here is Free Gems & Passes in Episode Choose Your Story Tutorial

Dripping Mascara

Have you heard about this story called dripping mascara? Who has not? It is one of the best stories that most people has talked about; it has almost four millions reads. The story has been talked about the most; whether the new Episode or the chapter is out, people start sharing the screenshot of that in their Instagram stories. It is like the flood in everyone’s story. Gen has always won the heart of people with her writing skills.

Chain Reaction

It is the story that has to conquer the User stories for a very long time which is almost four months. People have engaged with the story so much, and the story has targeted a larger audience, and because of all these things, it is the features story by Episode. It has the storyline that everyone loves, and the chain reaction has gained so many readers, like thousands of readers every week.

Theo reaction on Chain Reaction

The Teacher

The teacher is written in a very classic style version and wins the heart of readers when it was converted in the INK; the story has gained so many new readers, and it has almost twice what they have before. You may think that it is a cliché story at first, but when you read it, then you will get to know about the perspective of the story. It has unique features that have become the significant feature of the story.

Beneath The Surface

Langdon is the best, and the amazing writer is known for her writing, and she gets famous after this famous gem. It has turned the head of the people by writing this story for Cupid Arrow Contest. They have the best storyline and also have amazing characters development skills and directing skills.

The Final Words

So, a person may have got the idea about the top Episode stories, there are many more, but these are the top 5 stories you can choose to play. People have the best experience choosing these stories, and you will love that too.