June 15, 2024

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Battlelands Royale and uses of Gems and Bucks

Battlelands Royale is an epic mini battle royale mobile game in which the characters are more cartooned than fortnite, but the gameplay is equally entertaining. You will jump into battle with 33 more players on a map and will have several weapons just like PubG or any other battle royale game. The shooter game will provide you with equipment and ammo scattered over the map, and you need to pick them before you engage with your enemies. The gameplay time is not as long as PubG because the map is small, and you will encounter enemies in a concise time as soon as you land.

Here is Free Gems and Bucks in Battlelands Royale Tutorial

The game is perfect for those who don’t have mobile phones with high resources and still want to enjoy battle royale. Moreover, you will be able to upgrade your weapons, players, and more to improve your gameplay. To upgrade, you would need to win battles and earn rewards and points. In addition, there would be airdrops and other tactics of battle royale to experience so that you don’t feel inferior to anyone.

Battlelands Royale Gameplay

Uses Of In-Game Currencies In Battlelands Royale Mobile Game

While playing Battlelands Royale, you will receive bucks or gems as rewards that you can use as in-game currency to buy things or unlock items. Each currency has its limitations and uses that one should know beforehand to utilize appropriately.

Uses of Gems

Gems are primarily used to skip battle pass levels so that you get the rewards of the next level early. Furthermore, you can buy a premium battle pass using these gems or boost starts or token boosters. If one likes, they can also spend their gems to refill the dog tags or resume playing, in any event, you have failed. The matchboxes generally take 12hours to open, but you can spend your gems to open them and see what’s inside for you quickly. And, if you ever run short on battle bucks, you can use gems to get battle bucks or pay in gems.

Battlelands Royale Menu

Use of Bucks

Battlebucks can be used to customize your character in the game. For instance, one can change the costume or appearance of the character. Furthermore, one can also buy or unlock weapons and weapon skins to enhance the performance of their weapon to do better in the battles. Battlebucks are essential to staying upgraded so that you can access the higher-level weapons and other items in the battle like other players to give them tough competition.

Final words 

When you play Battlelands Royale, make sure to check the daily missions so that it gets you more rewards when you accomplish the task during the games. And in the end, invest your gems in opening special chests quickly so that you could enjoy higher benefits quickly. Then, if you run short on battle bucks, you can get some for the gems to pay for the upgrade or item you require. Hence, maintain a good hold of the in-game currency at all times for nonstop progressing.